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A Lucky Catch

At the end of every year my company and I throw a large New Years Eve Party at a restaurant of our choice. We pay the business ahead of time so it is only our members allowed in that night. This past year we went over board with the celebration and booked men and women from the Newcastle escorts and also rented limos for or staff to go home in. This is one of the many reasons why I love working where I do. Not many places do this sort of this for their employees, but I have luckily found one of the few that do. The sad part to this all is that my boss is retiring in less than two years, and I doubt the next person to step into his shoes will do anything close to what he has done for us.

April 15, 2014 in Relationships
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Thanks To The Boss

The years of marriage had taken a toll on my health and life. At age 50, I was used up and worn out. Two months ago my wife walked out of my life and left with everything I owned. She left me with everything we owed, so I guess she felt it was fair enough. The only change was the business trip to Europe to set up the new headquarters for the company I worked for.

I was tired and my confidence was shot. So when my boss called I expected bad news. He just said he had called some Edinburgh escorts and I had a date. Two hours later I was out on the town having a great time. She was one of the oldest escorts they had available, but she was still younger than me. But not so young I felt uncomfortable. It was fun, it was nasty and I am transferring to Edinburgh in two months. Thanks boss.

March 25, 2014 in Travel
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Headed down a new road

Life has been tough and nothing seems to be working and the bills are piling up around the house. Then one morning while reading the paper an article in the paper was advertising for Leeds escorts in the area. Knowing the bills where piling up the thought began to cross your mind maybe this is the way out of all that debt. So after sitting down and thinking about it for awhile you decide to head down for the interview. The interview went well and now all that is left is to wait for the phone call. Then about a week later the phone rings and it is the escort company asking when you can start. So this is the story of how the new life began as after the first week on the job all the sudden the debt has started to diminish and it just keeps looking better and better and then something happens.

March 12, 2014 in Careers
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Across the Room

I love looking at girls on adult webcams. There is something so unique about the situation. I like to pretend they are performing just for me. I know that they are not, but it is a good way to relax! If my girlfriend ever caught me watching one of these, I am not sure how she would react. In the ideal situation, she would be thrilled, and join in on the fun. I think it would spice up our life in the bedroom. We have not been on the same page lately. That is why I have been watching these videos! However, they are great for helping me when I need to blow off some steam. My last girlfriend actually loved watching and using these videos. In fact, she even starred in a few of her own. This should not be considered cheating if she is not actually here, right?

February 3, 2014 in Happiness
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Surprising Survey

I read a very interesting article in my favourite men’s magazine today that included a survey of two thousand men who had openly admitted to visiting London escorts at least once in their lives. The men’s ages ranged from as young as eighteen right up to seventy five.

They were asked the reasons why they decided to arrange a date with a professional dating companion and whether or not they would do it again.

Their answers were very frank and enlightening, and I’m sure that after reading the article some men who had never contemplated it themselves would actually consider doing it because all but a handful of the interviewees gave very positive accounts of their dating experiences.

It is not something that I have ever thought about before but maybe there is a possibility that some time in the future I will.

January 21, 2014 in Romance
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A Dazzling Event

On Monday my fuck buddies and I went to the excellent fireworks display that our city puts on every year. We have to leave about six hours early so that we can get a spot at the riverfront because there are thousands of people who show up to watch the display.

The traffic back and forth is the worst part because it is usually bumper to bumper for miles upon miles. People are weaving in and out of traffic and cut others off causing accidents just to get there quicker. The parking structures are always full and we end up have to pay some crazy charge for parking, at least I know that my car will be unharmed when I come back.

After the dazzling fireworks are over, we always have a hotel booked nearby so that we can spend a romantic and quite evening together in our spacious suite!

January 14, 2014 in Humour
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Getting Prepared For Time Away

As summer gets closer I have been preparing myself and home for my vacation in June. I will only be going for a few weeks so I haven’t called anyone to house sit for me. Honestly, the only person I would trust to do it is my old friend who now works at Munich escort agency. I have not seen him in years but I know if the favor was needed he would be right there. Other than cleaning and planning all I need to do is book a hotel room, but I do not need to do that for at least another month. I want to make sure it is suitable for a long stay and comfortable for an old man like myself. I may be older now, but I still feel like I deserve something nice every once in awhile.

December 25, 2013 in Vacations
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